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Posted on 01 February 2014 in Articles • 2 min read


My old boots' life was coming to an end. They are 5 years old and have served me very well. Considering the winter in Finland, investing into warm, water-proof and well-breathing winter boots with a tough iced surface grip is a must.


Christmas sales? After New year discounts? Nonsense!

I believe that the best time to buy cloths is a time close to the end of a season. It is hard to call the end of January an "end of the season", nevertheless you may find that huge discounts on various seasonal cloths have already started. Certainly, there are even bigger discounts after the season ends - but then, the choice is extremely limited. If you get lucky - the discount can be dramatic. For example: we bought new roller skates for my wife, with a 75% discount in September. It was the last pair of the required size :)


I consider ordering shoes online a risky business. Time is money and it takes time for the shoes to arrive and if they don't fit - it takes time for the backward process. On the other hand, online stores have better price offers and discounts. The best ones include a "send it back" post tag into the original package which can be used to send the shoes back to the shop if they don't fit.


Extreme Nordic weather requires solid Nordic shoes to deal with it. Some of you have probably heard of Danish ECCO. I've been buying ECCO shoes, sandals, pumps, boots, trainers for years. Finally, I've got so assured with them, that I ordered new winter boots online. They came with a nice 40% discount, which decreased the price from 225 to 135 EUR. Now, 135 EUR may seem quite a price, but hey, if you expect at least 3-4 years of service, it drops to ~39 EUR/year. Isn't that a bargain?! Hell, my monthly Internet bill is about that amount of money. So, here it is ECCO Roxton:

ecco roxton

The official ad says:

Warm up to Winter, in these sheepskin-lined 100% waterproof boots.

  • Lace up, high-cut boot style with metal D-rings and speed lacing system
  • Designed for premium comfort, warmth and insulation
  • Uppers of oiled nubuck, suede and textile - for durability and a comfortable fit
  • Warm lining of lambskin and wool provides superior, natural insulation
  • Gore-tex® lining provides a 100% waterproof guarantee, ensuring dry feet at all times
  • Direct-injected sole provides lightweight durability, flexibility and won't weigh you down

It took me a week to wear them in. The boots are a bit heavier than my old ones and have a thicker sole. After a week I can sincerely say, that these are the best winter boots I owned ever! Thank you, ECCO!