A very long nightmare

Posted on 01 April 2010 in Articles • 1 min read

Few tools I can use right now:

  • Ubuntu 8.10 Live CD (without Ext4 suppor!)
  • A usb flash drive
  • A two month-old backup (agh!)

I'm writing this post in Ubuntu loaded from LiveCD. Right now, I'm downloading Ubuntu 10.04 and RIPLinux distribution. I hope everything will be fine :)

Update@3.00 AM

Some files are corrupted, but I was able to backup projects and master thesis materials. Now, backing up thunderbird directory.

Update@6.55 AM

There are more than 2 millions bad sectors on the drive. I'm lucky to have two external USB SATA drives. I hope that the only thing I've missed this night - were sweet dreams :)

Update@8.39 AM

Ubuntu 10.04 Beta is installed and updated. Too tired to write how BAD I felt about it. Looks like I have to move on. Long ago, when I lived and studied in Saint Petersburg, me and my roommate Vova had frequent conversations about Linux world. Ubuntu was new, still, as Vova said, "There is always will be Debian". I'm downloading Debian Testing right now. Thank you for everything you've taught me, Ubuntu!


What the HELL! I never thought that Debian will cause so many problems. First, there is no iwlagn4945 firmware in first installation CD. And I don't have an Ethernet cable to connect and download everything required for normal network support. Agh. I'm getting back to Ubuntu :)