Back to life

Posted on 19 August 2009 in Articles • 1 min read

Lots of things happened. I have recently finished my IT Project (as a part of my studies).

VADpy is a universal, modular, easy-to-run and easy-to-extend Voice Activity Detection algorithms testing framework that puts different speech/sound databases, VADs, error metrics and performance reports in one place. VADpy saves developers time by providing convinient MATLAB interface for MATLAB-based VADs. A powerful modular architecture lets developers integrate any kind of file databases and VADs into the framework. The Python programming language provides convinient environment to develop input, error metric and output modules.

—VADpy adtext.

I learned lots of new things about Python while working on this project. I hope to share this knowledge in my blog.

Also, I got rid out of static html, now the blog runs on Django. The "engine" is still in development (comments with captcha are on their way) yet, the blog is fully-functional and you're welcome to read it.