Concrete Settings

Concrete Settings is a Python library which facilitates configuration management in big and small programs.

It was born out of necessity to manage a huge decade-old Django-based SaaS solution with more than two hundred different application settings scattered around What does this setting do? What type is it? Why does it have such a weird format? Is this the final value, or it changes somewhere on the way?

Concrete Settigns tackles these problems altogether. It was designed to be developer and end-user friendly. The settings are defined via normal Python code with few tricks which significantly improve readability and maintainability.


My Master's Thesis

My Master's Thesis "Decision fusion of voice activity detectors" finalized in 2012.


Kidomi was a HTML templating library which accepts JSON as input and returns a DOM node.

PyRegs was a Python 3 and Tkinter-based regular expressions debugger inspired by Kodos. The latest version has been released in May 2013.

Kaylee was a Python and CoffeeScript-based framework for developing in-browser distributed and volunteer computing applications. The latest version has been released in June 2013.