Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps

Posted on ke 23 kesäkuu 2021 in articles • Tagged with book, software development, accelerate

Are you familiar with the gut feeling that the software development practices around you could be better? What if I told you that there is a solid scientific study on practices of low and high performing technology organizations?

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Alarms and dashboards

Posted on pe 04 kesäkuu 2021 in articles • Tagged with rants, alarm, dashboard, DevOps, errors

Ranting about alarms and dashboards

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Concrete Settings: a new way to manage configurations in Python projects

Posted on la 11 heinäkuu 2020 in articles • Tagged with programming, library, python, concrete settings

After two years of developing a hobby project, I am proud to announce Concrete Settings - a new configuration management library for Python projects.

Concrete Settings was born as an effort to improve configuration handling in a huge decade-old Django application with exceedingly bloated Remember that starts …

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Is classical music performed too fast?

Posted on ke 25 huhtikuu 2018 in Articles • Tagged with music, classical

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger... wait - that is Daft Punk. Though classical music seems to follow.

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Blogging with Pelican

Posted on ti 25 huhtikuu 2017 in Articles • Tagged with blogging, pelican, python

Pelican is a perfect blogging platform for programmers and computer geeks. My blog has been powered by Pelican for three years and it has been a pleasant experience. If you are looking forward to start a blog, or just thinking of changing a platform, why not give it a try?

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The ultimate guide to Python decorators

Posted on su 22 tammikuu 2017 in articles • Tagged with Python, programming

Decorators are one of the most beautiful feature of Python programming language. They can make code easy-readable and maintainable. Nevertheless, their usage may seem tricky and mysterious in the beginning. This is a guide to the world of decorators. I hope that you will feel like a pro and have no questions left about them after exploring this article.

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My story of caffeine withdrawal

Posted on su 31 toukokuu 2015 in articles • Tagged with Life, Caffeine

After getting hooked on coffee, I decided to stop drinking caffeinated drinks. This is a story of my detoxification.

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Python nightmares: Implicit this

Posted on ma 11 toukokuu 2015 in articles • Tagged with Python, programming

I met a lot of Python beginners who complained about this keyword not implicitly available in class methods. After all, why pass self explicitly?

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A micro Lisp interpreter experiment

Posted on la 21 kesäkuu 2014 in articles • Tagged with Python, Lisp, programming

While reading the Binary trees chapter from Programming Interviews Exposed by John Mongan et al. I started thinking of alternative recursion examples which do not involve sorting, generating Fibonacci sequence, binary tree traversal and similar tasks. Lisp! Lisp is inseparable from recursion and Lisp interpreter would be a good case to demonstrate what recursion is and how it can be used efficiently. What would be a minimal simplified Lisp interpreter written in Python? Surprisingly, I managed to do it just in 6 lines of Python code! And this is not just because of Python being a wonderful language, but because of Lisp being such a beautiful and simple concept.

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ECCO online

Posted on la 01 helmikuu 2014 in articles • Tagged with life, shoes, ECCO

Ah, magnificent Finnish winter! First, it was jumping around zero (Celsius of course), so that people had to deal with slippery roads and pavement, then it dropped to -25, so that people put on layers of clothes. Then a snowstorm hit Finland, and it was above -10 again, with mountains of snow. There is an important part of the wardrobe that helps dealing with all these weather conditions: the shoes.

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