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Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

I have finally replaced my old Defender mouse with a brand-new, wireless blue laser-powered Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000. Some of the reasons for picking this particular mouse are: symmetric, wireless, laser and GNU/Linux support :). A month of usage has passed and there is enough time to write a review with all tips'n'tricks which can help handling this mouse properly.


Inside Python: understanding os.listdir()

If you've been using python for a long time, then you surely know that os.listdir() function returns an unsorted list of file names. I didn't care much until facing a situation, in which the sorted-sequential processing of files was crucial, and I could not remember whether the previous file processing were done in sorted order. Well, luckily they were. But hey, this is a little bit annoying, isn't it? Why os.listdir() returns an unsorted list of files? Would you like to find out?


Linux, it's time to wake up!

Back in my "Windows" times, I was a fan of Foobar2000 music player. One of my favourite plug-ins was "Alarm", which could turn user's computer on during "suspend" state. So, I could switch my laptop to "sleep" mode, and be awaken in the morning by music from Foobar's playlist :) Is it possible to reproduce a similar trick in Linux? It depends on your hardware. Let's give it a try!